Alex é conhecido pelas músicas Groovy com influências latinas, e o estilo mais funk do House Progressivo de hoje em dia.

Durante anos eu costumava ser deejay ao sábado no Clube Havana (em Den Haag) e hoje em dia eu estou feliz por dizer que sou o dj residente das festas Taste-IT ( e do Soho em Amsterdão. O meu objectivo é este: dar a cada visitante uma incríivel grande noite de música que deve dar às pessoas um sentimento de liberdade, longe da vida agitada.

Alex escreveu em 02.12.2016:
Hello there!! First I would like to thank you for all the support you’ve been giving me over the last 3 years! I feel blessed that I am able to play so many shows all over the world. All these happy faces in front of me gives me chills every time! Second, thank you for all the support through all of your messages! It is heart warming to read your stories what my music makes you feel or go through. Finally…… is my new podcast for all of you. I got inspired on my trip to Morocco with the Voyaj crew, after sitting on a camel in the Sahara, sleeping in a tent and wake up for sunrise. The world is such a magic place. Being in the desert, hardly hearing noises except for the rushing wind. And then the day after I was playing in Rabat on a pirate ship! Who expects that? So much fun again! Something else which has been in my mind and heart the last weeks. Many people in this world want changes in their lives. Sometimes they even forget that respect for yourself and the people around you is a very important thing, at least it is to me. We should have respect for women, men, mexicans, gays….you know where I am going right? ;-) Please know that every individual can change this world. So take responsibility for your own life and of those around you. How expensive is it to just smile and be kind to yourself and others? A smile can do a lot…..please smile a little more. It makes a change.
Love! Alex