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Miami, Florida [US]


American electronic music artist Hotboxx, who hails from the energetic city of Miami, is well-known for their catchy beats and entrancing soundscapes. Hotboxx, who specialize in electronic music, smoothly incorporates house music components into their tracks to produce a distinctive and dynamic aural experience.

The music of Hotboxx is best characterized as a throbbing combination of electronic and house, where infectious melodies meet pulsating basslines. Their songs take listeners on a journey via sound, with dense synthesizer layers, pounding beats, and enticing hooks that keep them engaged throughout. Hotboxx has a talent for creating infectious grooves and is adept at keeping the party going and the crowd engaged.

Hotboxx draws inspiration from Miami’s thriving and diverse music culture to imbue their music with an unmistakable sense of rhythm and groove. Each song is a tribute to their love of electronic music, displaying their prowess in production methods and their capacity to meld several genres together seamlessly.

Hotboxx have become well-known in the electronic music scene for their ability to make music that crosses boundaries and has a visceral effect on listeners thanks to their unquestionable talent and commitment to their art. Their ability as musicians and dedication to expanding the boundaries of electronic and dance music are demonstrated by their contagious beats and enthralling soundscapes.

In conclusion, Miami, Florida-born electronic music producer Hotboxx is renowned for his catchy beats and entrancing soundscapes. Hotboxx smoothly combines aspects of both the electronic music subgenre and the major genre of house music to produce a distinctive and dynamic sound experience. Hotboxx’s tunes are a tribute to their love of electronic music and their ability to produce music that engages listeners viscerally. They draw inspiration from the dynamic Miami music scene.

Radio Shows

All The Smoke


All The Smoke is a weekly radio show hosted by Hotboxx, one of the most exciting and innovative DJs in the underground House music scene. Each episode features an electrifying mix of the freshest and most cutting-edge House music with an underground touch, cementing Hotboxx’s reputation as a true tastemaker […]



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    Rádio Lisboa

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    Lisboa Dance
    mixed by DJ mYthi

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